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Advanced Options

Some of the field type options you select will include Advanced Options. These let you insert additional specifications into the inserted data if needed. The following field types include advanced options:


Default Value: This option can be used to add a default piece of text that will be automatically included with the next Objects you add.

Maximum Size/Minimum Size: This option lets you control the size of the input data. You can set the minimum and maximum number of characters.

For example, if you set the maximum size for 10 and then attempt to enter more than 10 characters at your next entry you would get the following

message from the system:

<span class="required-hint"> (*) Field length of is greater than the maximum length allowed 10 </span>


Minimum Value/Maximum Value: This option allows you to select the time boundaries within which new entries will be allowed. It works in a similar way to the minimum and maximum text sizes but within the date format.


Default Value: Like text, numbers can also have a default value. As mentioned before, you can choose a format among integer, decimal, and currency and if you choose the currency you can set up which currency from an extensive list of options.

Thousands separator: Set up your default separator to be space, comma or dot.

Decimal separator: Set up your default separator to be either comma or dot.

Decimals: Set up how many decimal places your number values will display automatically. If you need higher precision you can set up to 6 decimal places.

Minimum value: Minimum allowed value.

Maximum value: Maximum allowed value.

NOTA: If you edit any field type options they only count from the next entry, it will not modify existing data format.

The “Required” option lets you indicate whether or not the field has to be filled in order to create a new object.