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A Workspace is composed of Objects. Objects are composed of properties that represent and define the work/operation/data you want to track and manage. Fields are used to represent these properties. Some examples are important dates, budgets, earnings, related files, status tracking etc.

It’s like a spreadsheet column but with special features that allow you to ensure the consistency and quality of the information stored.

There’re several field types in flexbundle that you can use to structure different kinds of contents like files, checkboxes, labels, formula, etc.

Choose the best Field Type

Field types help control the consistency of the data you insert into your workspace. Every field type has different configurations and allows entry in specific formats.

You can choose from the following Field types:

● Text

● Textarea

● Number

● Date

● Dropdown/List

● Checkbox

● Labels

● File

● System

● Formula

● Link

● Reference to Workspace